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These pages contain information related to the club’s Fast Electric activities. With the recent addition of the Wacky Racers, the club now runs three Fast Electric racing
championships as well as holding informal events at Beale Park model boat shows and the Chairman’s regatta.

Club500 and F600 race meetings are held on the same Saturday morning at 10:00am on the inside lake (see calendar or diary pages) and the new Wacky Racers will take place in the afternoon on THE OUTSIDE LAKE.

Competitors are awarded points at each of the race meetings in the season which are counted towards the Club Championship.
Trophies are awarded for the Championship winner and runner up at the end of the year.

Race reports, results and championship standings are included on the following pages. The Wacky Racers page also includes information on ELECTRA and miscellaneous information
& articles about Fast Electrics.