This page defines some special terms used in the MTMBC and which might be unfamiliar to non-members or new members. NB Terms in italic in a definition are themselves defined elsewhere in the list.

1M (Yachting) A class of yacht 1 metre long.

27MHz Also ’27Meg’. Frequency band used for surface-based models (and CB radio). Divided into a number of specific frequencies denoted by ‘solid’ or ‘split’ colours. E,g. 27.045MHz is denoted by the (solid) colour Red

35MHz Also ’35Meg’. Frequency band for the exclusive use of airborne models. Illegal for boats (unless they fly)

40MHz Also ’40Meg’. Frequency band used for surface-based models. Divided into a number of specific frequencies denoted by ‘odd’ and ‘even’ three-digit codes. E.g. 40.695MHz is (odd) denoted by ‘695’

41MHz Also ’41Meg’. Frequency band used for surface-based models in Europe. Illegal in the UK

575 (Yachting) A class of yacht 575mm long. Regatta series for this class

590 (Yachting) A class of yacht 590mm long. Regatta series for this class

AGM Annual General Meeting. Held at the Club Evening in January

AM / FM Amplitude / Frequency Modulation. Method of coding ‘stick’ position on to 40MHz radio carrier signal. The two methods use the same set of frrquencies and do interfere, so cannot be used simultaneously on the same frequency. AM & FM crystals are not interchangeale.

Associate Member Each Full member may apply for a maximum of one, and Juniors a maximum of two Associate members. Associates may accompany Full/Junior members with boats into the Beale Park without charge, but they do not have any Constitutional say in the running of the Club.

Beale Park Our home waters – The Child Beale Wildlife Park, Lower Basildon. The MTMBC has use of the Inner Lake whenever the Park is open, and the two Outer Lakes at any time

Big Lake The larger of the two outer lakes. Most often used for yachting regattas

Boater of the Year (Yachting & Steering) The highest scoring skipper over all steering and yachting section regattas during the year. Each of the two sections also has individual skipper of the year trophies.

CBWLT (Steering) Child Beale Wildlife Trophy. A steering regatta usually held in July

Chairman Nominal leader of the Club, whose duties include chairing Committee meetings, AGM, etc.

Chairman’s Trophy (Steering) A steering regatta usually held in May

Class (Yachting) A type of yacht built to a specific set of rules regarding size, weight, etc. Regattas (except for the Handicap) are for a single class of yacht.

Code of Conduct A set of common-sense rules which must be followed to maintain full enjoyment and safety to all our members and to the public.

Club Area The area by the inner lake, in front of the Beale Centre from the gate to the far side, which is reserved for Club members and their guests only. Boats may also be operated from the public side

Club Evening Held on the evening of the third Thursday of each month. Talks, film shows & demonstrations etc, from September to April (inclusive), at Sonning

Club Sunday Free boating at Beale Park one one or more designated Sundays each month (and any other Sunday – or indeed any other day – when no event is taking place at the Park)

Committee The body responsible for day-to-day running of the Club. Consists of the Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, Competition Secretary and up to four Ordinary Members (one of whom represents the yachting section). Elected yearly at the AGM. The Committee may also co-opt ex-officio members such as the newsletter Editor, Webmaster and Public Relations Officer and form sub-committees for specific tasks. The Committe meet about 9 times a year

Competition Secretary The Committee member who coordinates all steering regatta activities

Constitution The rules by which the Club is run. May only be modified at the AGM or an EGM

Course (Yachting & Steering) A path which boats should follow, defined by a set of marker buoys, etc.

Discard (Yachting) Depending on the number of races in a regatta, the highest (worst) race score(s) may be discounted from the total.

Editor Club member who produces the Voice Pipe newsletter. The Editor is automatically co-opted onto the Committee

Evens The set of frequencies in the 40MHz band, such as 40.665, 40.725, etc. (NB the ‘even’ digit is the middle digit of the three following the 40)

Event Any organised regatta, show, fête, etc, whether by MTMBC or external, and at the Beale Park or elsewhere. Please notify the General Secretary of non-Club/Park events.

EGM Extraordinary General Meeting. A special meeting which can be called by the Committee, or a minimum number of members, if there is exceptional business to be discussed and which needs a formal decision to be taken byond the remit of the Committee

Far Side The side of the inner lake past the slipway, not accessible to the public.

F/E Fast Electric. Battery-powered boats generally designed for racing, either non-scale or semi-scale, although some fast scale boats might be considered to be F/E. Such boats must be operated well away from other boats during free boating sessions. F/E boats may participate in steering regattas when slower boats are not on the water

Fiesta (Yachting) A class of yacht 650mm long designed by member David Swain. Regatta series for this class

Formula 20 (Steering) A free-running (no r/c) boat not exceeding 20 inches in length, any propulsion system allowed. An event especially suited to (but not exclusively for) our Junior members. Keep your Formula 20 in the car – be prepared to run it at any time

Four Island Cruise (Steering) A non-serious regatta with a simple steering course especially suited to Junior or inexperienced skippers. Usually a series of 3 held over the summer

Free Sailing or Open Boating Any boat may be sailed (in its widest sense – the term is not restricted to yachts) without organisation or rules, except that frequency control via the peg board may be in operation. Free boating is possible at any time unless there is an event at Beale Park for which all frequencies are expected to be in use, or free frequencies may be limited to ‘solids’ and ‘evens’ (refer to the events diary). Club Sundays are always reserved for free boating with all frequencies available

Free Running (Steering) A fun event for Formula 20 boats, in which the motor & rudder are pre-set and the boat released, without r/c. Guidelines for competition rules will be given, but it is the intention that competitors will agree their own rules on the day, depending on the number taking part (minium of one)

Full Member Normal membership class for adults. Allows a full say in the running of the Club. Membership fees cover one Club year, which starts on 1 April. Adult Full members are restricted to one Associate Member each

General Secretary The person who really runs the club. Current duties arranging and taking and producing minutes of Committee meetings and AGM etc, keeping the membership list (and enrolling new members) and being the first point of contact for the club for the rest of the world.

Handicap Sail (Yachting) A regatta series for any sailing boat. Generally, the larger and/or faster boats sail a longer course.

I/C Internal combustion. Not normally allowed at Beale Park except for special events

Inner Lake The ornamental lake inside the Park, in front of the Beale Centre. Members should use the Club area to prepare, launch and operate boats.

Insurance All paid-up members of the Club are covered for third party insurance to a limit of £2,000,000. This gives cover for any form of model boating, anywhere in the UK and Europe. A cover note is issued to all members and should be available for inspection when boating anywhere than at Beale Park. Models in transit to, while at, and from shows and in the care of the Club are also covered for loss or damage, though we recommend that particularly valuable models are covered separately by the owner.

Intercom Electronic version of the newsletter, sent to registered members by email if there is any late-braking news or announcements between issues of the Voice Pipe

Junior Member A member under the age of 16 on 1 April. Junior members have the same rights and responsibilities as Full (adult) members. Each Junior Member may apply for up to two Associate Members

Junior Regatta (Steering) A regatta run especially for Junior Members. Adult members may also take part, but are ineligable for trophies.

MPBA The Model Power Boat Association. The Club is affiliated to the MPBA

MTMBC Also ‘The Club”. The Mid-Thames Model Boat Club

Newsletter See Voice Pipe and Intercom

Notice Board For the latest news, events and notices. One is sited near the Club area and one by the car park near the gate to the outer lakes

Odds The set of frequencies in the 40MHz band, such as 40.675, 40.735, etc. (NB the ‘odd’ digit is the middle digit of the three following the 40)

Officer of the Day Person in charge of running an event, normally the event organiser. Also usually the Safety Officer responsible for maintaining adherance to the Club’s Safety Policy & Rules

Open Event An event not restricted to Club members; anyone may participate (but may have to pay the for entry to the Park)

Open Boating see Free Sailing

Outer Lakes The small and big lakes by the car park, outside the main Park. Access is via the small gate and the boat operating areas are over the wooden bridge. Vehicles are not permitted in the field.

Peg Board A board normally in the Club area showing all the possible 27MHz colours & 40MHz 3-digit frequencies. A peg with the member’s name is placed here to show that a frequency is in use. Any frequency must be checked here for clear use before switching on a transmitter. Don’t forget to remove your peg when you have finished using the frequency

Pressure Vessel Any pressurised container associated with steam propulsion, including boilers and refillable gas canisters. All such vessels must have a valid safety certificate available for inspection before each use.

PRO Public Relations Officer. A Club member who coordinates publicity and and supporting material. The PRO may be co-opted onto the Committee

Public Side The side of the inner lake to which the public has free access. Boats may be operated from here, but give way to the public at all times and be especially careful of aerials and small children

Race (Yachting) A regatta consists of several races, each race being run one or more times around the course. Points are awarded for first (1pt), second (2pts), etc in each race. The regatta winner is the skipper with the lowest total points score after any discards

R/C Radio (or remote) control. For boats, either 27MHz or 40MHz frequency bands. Normally a minimum of two channels are used for power (or sail) and steering control. Auxiliary working features may use more channels.

Regatta (Yachting & Steering) In yachting, a series of races for one class of yacht or handicap event. In steering, one or more rounds making up a competition

Register Members may register their email address in order to receive the Intercom and similar communications

Round (Steering) One set of runs around the course for all entered boats. Depending on the event, there are usually 2–4 rounds during the day. The Ted Hornblow Trophy is run over a single round

Sailing Boat (Yachting) Any vessel capable of being propelled entirely and solely by the wind. Includes any of the yachting classes designed for racing (Fiesta, etc), semi-scale yachts (Fairwind, etc), to full scale (Thames barges etc). Usually r/c, but could include vane steering. Should a vessel have motor assistance (which may be used when free sailing or for steering), this must be disabled for any racing event.

Safety Certificate The MoT for steam plant. A valid certificate will as a minimum show the date of last test, the identification of the pressure vessel, the testing conditions and the tester. A certificate will normally be valid for two years, after which time the vessel must be re-tested. The MTMBC offers a testing service to its members. Boilers with a capacity of less than half a pint and/or operating at low pressures are exempt from testing, but must have an exemption certificate to that effect. Whatever the boat, no certificate, no steaming

Safety Policy & Rules This is a statement of the Club’s policy and a set of rules on operating model boats safely, to the benefit of the operator, fellow members and the general public. Adherance to the Safety Policy & Rules, particularly for steam operation, is a condition of our insurance cover

Scale (A) A boat having correct proportions and detail, usually based on a full-size prototype or generic original type of boat. Unless for static display only, usually has at least 2-channel r/c for power (and/or sail) and steering control; may be powered by battery, steam, wind or i/c. (B) That section of MTMBC which is not yachting, and organises the steering regattas

Semi-scale A boat giving the general appearance of an original boat, but not having great detail. Otherwise similar to scale

Series (Yachting & Steering) Some trophies are based on the results of several regattas for like type held during the season. These include the 575, 590, Fiesta, 1-Metre and Handicap sailing, and the Four Island Cruise competitions.

Show An event with at least some model boating interest, having static display and perhaps some on the water activity. Club members often attend such shows and display their boats on a MTMBC stand. The Beale Park traditionally holds a model boat show on the May Bank Holiday weekend, and a Trade Show on the second weekend of October. Other shows include Knowl Hill Steam Rally, Henley Traditional Boat Show, the Newbury Show and various schools fêtes, etc. Details appear in the Voice Pipe and on the notice boards

Show Pack The Club maintains a publicity notice board and a box of items to support shows etc. Contact the PRO if you would like to borrow the pack for a show.

Small Lake The smaller of the two outer lakes. Often used for free boating when the Park is closed, particularly on Friday evenings in the summer. Not often suitable for yachting as it is quite sheltered.

Sonning The Berkshire Sports and Leisure Centre, Sonning Lane, Reading (off the A4, opposite the Blue Coat School). Club Evening meetings are held here during the winter months

Solids The set of single colours in the 27MHz band, such as Brown, Blue etc. Splits The set of dual colours in the 27MHz band, such as Brown/Red, Yellow/Green, etc

Summerhouse The Clubs ‘headquarters’ at Beale Park, situated at the far righthand end of the Inner Lake.

Steam Propulsion system in which water is boiled in a pressure vessel and the resulting vapour is used to drive an engine. All steam plant must have a valid safety certificate or an exemption certificate. There are particular considerations for use of steam in the Safety Policy & Rules and Code of Conduct

Steering Club regatta in which boats have to steer a course marked by a set of buoys and other obstacles. Penalty points are awarded for touching buoys or other boats, or for a wrong course, etc. The winner is the boat with the least penalties over one or more rounds. Some regattas may also have a time element. All boats capable of r/c steering may take part, including sailing boats and f/e. The main steering events are the Chairman’s Trophy, CBWLT, Junior, Steering Regatta, Ted Hornblow, and Four Island Cruises. The separate events for the Formula 20 free-running class does not use r/c at all, but may still have a (pre-set) steering element Steering Regatta (Steering) Last steering event of the year (except for the restricted Ted Hornblow), usually in September

Summerhouse The wooden building on the far side oif the inner lake, for the use of all members

Ted Hornblow Trophy (Steering) Named after a member who never won anything, this very last steering regatta of the year is restricted to those who have not had a place (i.e. first, second or third) in any of the other main steering events (Chairman’s, CBWLT, Junior or Steering Regatta) that same year. Held straight after the Steering Regatta event

Treasurer The Committee member who looks after the Club’s finances.

Voice Pipe The Club’s newsletter. Produced quarterly, it provides news about the club such as upcoming events and reports of past ones, messages from the Committee, For Sale & Wanted, contact details for Committee Members etc. Items for inclusion should be sent to directly to the Editor. See also “Intercom”

Webmaster Club member who maintains the Club’s website. The Webmaster may be co-opted onto the Committee Website The Club has its own web site at Items for inclusion should be emailed to the Webmaster

Yachting The Club has a flourishing yachting section, which runs regattas for the 575, 590, Fiesta and 1-Metre classes as well as the Handicap Sailing, to which any sailing boat may enter

Yachting Secretary The Committee member who coordinates all yachting activities