Yearly Subscription
for 2003 – 2004

Full Adult £36.00 Total The standard class for most members. Full membership entitles a say in the running of the club.This membership is made up of two parts, £15 payable to MTMBC and £21 payable to the Beale Park for an Annual Admission Ticket to the Park.
Junior £15.00 Total For members under the age of 16 on 1 April of the year in which they join. Juniors have the same rights as Full Adult members. This membership consists only one part £15 payable to the Beale Park for a Junior Annual Admission Ticket.
Associate £15.00 Total Associates do not have voting rights. Limited to ONE per Full Adult member or ONE per Junior member. This membership is made up of two parts, £5 payable to MTMBC and £10 payable to the Beale Park for a special Annual Admission Ticket.

Please note, Associate members may not enter Beale Park unless accompanied by a Full Adult Member or a Junior Member.

Honorary Free At the discretion of the Committe

Notes: We have no limits on the number of members in the club at any one time. For each application from the same address (which may have any number of Full and/or Junior applications, and up to one Associate per Full adult and/or two per Junior applicant), there is a one-off first time joining fee of £2.00.

The subscription year runs from 1 April; yearly subscriptions are reduced when first joining on or after 1 October. The membership Secretary will provide details of reduced membership fees in these circumstances.

The subscription for Full Adult & Junior classes includes third party, public liability insurance (up to a limit of £2,000,000) and unlimited free entry into the Beale Park for the purposes of boating. Associate members may only enter Beale Park in th company of the associated Full Adult or Junior member.